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Great Leader. Passionate. Motivated

We need leaders who will fight for the constituents of District 1 and their interests, 

not the interests of corporate donors. 

Ricky Barajas for Congress 2022


Candidate Statement

Party: Democratic

Top Three Issues:

Universal Health Care

Tax Relief/ COVID- 19 Relief

Green New Deal

Current Occupation:

Candidate for Congress OR-6


University of Oregon

Portland State University

Public Service:

Volunteer for Hillary for President 2016

Organizer for Barbara Boxer (Senator from CA- 2004)

East Los Angeles Track and Cross Country Coach

East Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club Mentor

Candidate Statement:

My name is Ricky Barajas. I am a candidate, activist, and first-generation Mexican- American running for Oregon 1st Congressional district. I come from a family of 4, raised by a single working- mother making minimum wage to provide a roof over our heads. My mom did everything in her power to give us everything we wanted growing up, and I am blessed to be raised by a strong woman who will sacrifice everything for her children.

I am running: for the mother of 2 children, working two jobs to provide food on the table. For the student, overburden with student loans, working endless hours to earn a degree. Our first responders, we thank you for keeping us safe daily, for our senior citizens, to be able to retire with dignity, with a higher benefit check every month. Our Troops and Veterans, we are forever in your debt for your services, let us bring you home and ensure you are taken care of once and for all—lastly, every American who has been affected by COVID-19 and is struggling to pay the bills, credit cards, rent, and their mortgage.

If given the honor to represent you in Washington, I will make sure you are bailed out first with a progressive plan. I will not vote on any bills that include any bailout money for corporations and banks.

The time has arrived where we put families and small businesses ahead of large corporations. Let's invest in you and rebuild the middle-class together.

The middle class has been hit the hardest over the last 30 years. You deserve a leader who will fight for you, introduce and pass legislation on day one. The middle class cannot wait another year or two for real change. It is time to elect new, young leaders that want to represent your concerns, not the pockets of particular interest.

Big corporations and lobbyists do not own me.

My loyalty lies with the people of this district.

If you are ready for Congress to get up and do their jobs, I invite you to join our campaign, vote in May, and together we can create a better Oregon for generations to come.

Real, progressive change starts in Oregon; let's take that to Washington. 

Ricky Barajas


I was born in East Los Angeles to a working-class mother who raised my older brother and I. My mother was born in Nayarit, Mexico- in a small town called San Juan De Abajo with my grandparents and her siblings. My mother cleaned offices for a living until she became a homecare worker. Her job requires her commitment to the elderly, safety, and well being. To all the home care workers out there, I thank you for your commitment to our senior citizens and what you do every day. 

My family grew up poor in the inner city. I attended a high school that was severely overcrowded and underfunded for any student to fully reached their potential. However, my favorite subject was United States Government. At that early age of my life, I grew up with a deep understanding of Climate Change, Immigration, Minimum Wage, Voting Rights, and Homelessness. 

As a student in college, I became more politically active around my community and school. After Hurricane Katrina, I traveled to New Orleans to witness for myself the destruction and what our federal government was doing to help the thousands who lost their homes, including those who were relocated to neighboring states. 

As the markets crashed in 2008, I witness my peers losing their jobs, friends losing their homes, and my family struggling to stay above water. As the financial reality caught up to my family, I found myself working two jobs to help my mom keep her home. 

Listening to President Obama's acceptance speech in 2008,  I realize that day I would one day run for office. His victory was not only historical but a calling for my generation to step up to the challenge and make our voices be heard. 

All of our lives change after the 2016 election, including my own and my family. With divisive and hateful rhetoric coming from the President, I decided to run to make a change. I was disappointed by my elected officials as well, so I grab a clipboard and started getting signatures for my run. I believe change only happens when ordinary people get involved and get engaged. 

I realize I have an uphill battle, and I am ready for the challenge that lies ahead of me. Running for the House of Representative means to represent the people, and as an American, I want to represent everyday Americans. 

Noone from the working class has gotten into politics and gone to become Governor, member of Congress and President of the United States, let's changed that. 

Democracy needs us.

Thank you for your support. 

My Background

2004: Experience Campaigning for Barbara Boxer, Who Was Running for the US Senate

2016: Experience Campaigning for Hillary Clinton

Candidate in 2018

My Mission

In 12 years, Americans have faced two economic recession. Millions of Americans are out of work looking for Washington to help them out. My mission and my promise to my district and all Americans are I will fight for you every day and ensure we pass legislation to ensure this never happens again. To provide you will have income coming to you within days, not weeks. To represent your interest, not corporations. 

Upcoming Events

Election is approaching fast. We hope we can resume canvassing once we overcome COVID-19. Sign up for our newsletter for up to date info on our campaign. 


Service Areas in Congressional District 6 

      • Keiser
      • Newberg
  • Tigard
  • Salem

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sunday: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Email Me





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