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My Response to COVID-19 and platform in addressing this pandemic- 

Our lives came to a halting stop a few weeks after learning the Corona Virus had spread through our community, cities, and state. With so much uncertainty with our future, Congress is scrambling to pass legislation to keep the economy stable and send money directly into the American people's hands. Although it is progress, I strongly feel it is not enough. Congress has lost its touch with the American people and what it is to live paycheck by paycheck. If elected and given the honor to serve my district, I will be a proactive Congressman rather a reactive. We need strong legislation that will ensure if we ever face another pandemic, we will be ready, the middle class will not have to suffer, and small businesses can continue to thrive. 

My platform:

*My bill will give every individual $2000/$5000 for families per month

*Suspend Mortgage payments for 120 days, including cutting interest in the 120 days

*Suspend Rent payments for 120 days

*Suspend Credit Card payments for 90 days, including a reduction of accrued interest. 

*Suspend Student Loans payments for six months, including a reduction of accrued interest. 

*Suspend any changes to Credit Score/Report 

*Increase Unemployment benefits up to 6 months

*Increase Social Security and Disability payments 

*Pass legislation to create and fund an annual program for an economic downturn.  

*Pass legislation for an emergency relief fund to deposit & cut checks within 96 hours

*Fully support and fund small businesses up to 6 months and loan forgiveness. 

If you are ready for a Brand New Congressman with progressive policies that benefit you, not corporations, I ask you to join my campaign and vote for me to represent you in Congress on May 19th. 

Together we can change the outcome of the future.



"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich"- President Kennedy. 


I want to bring progressive change and a fresh face to Oregon's first congressional district.

Ricky Barajas


Tax Reform

We need tax reforms that work for all Americans. My plan includes increasing individual deductions, raising the child tax credit, and lowering the tax bracket for anyone making less than $250k. I will close tax loopholes to ensure corporations  pay their fair share once and for all. 

Invest in Infrastructure

Oregon infrastructure sits at an overall grade of C-. We need to invest $3 billion into Oregon Infrastructure, including a minimum of $3 trillion as a nation. This will create thousands of high paying jobs across the state. 

Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest issue we need to address by 2030. We need to invest in clean energy, which, in return, will create new high paying jobs and ensure a sustainable future for our children.

We can achieve these goals by rejoining the Paris accord, cutting emissions, and implementing a Green New Deal.

In my Green New Deal plan, Oregon will lead the nation in renewable energy from all sources. 

Investing in Early Childhood Education

We need universal preschool for every 4-year-old in America. This will significantly increase child care so that no family in America has to pay more than 10 percent of their income to afford high-quality child care. 


Student Loan - Student Debt

Double Pell Grants and ensure students can refinance their loans at lower rates. *Student loan payments shout not exceed 10% of monthly income. *Debt should be forgiven after ten years. *Entrepreneurs in distressed communities can defer their loans up to 3 years, including the forgiven partial amount of their loan. *Servicing our nation and public interest up to two years, can have their loan forgiven. 

Health Care

Expand and Improve Obamacare to cover all Americans. Lower deductibles, eliminate copays for preventable services, enforce pre-existing conditions, drastically lower the cost of prescriptions, open Medicare to the public and yearly tax credits on wellness activities. 


Co-sponsor Senator Kamala Harris Rent Relief Act. The legislation creates a new, refundable tax credit for households spending more than 25% of their income, including rent and utilities. 

Reform Immigration Policy

Increase federal employees to address immigration lines and speed up the process for millions of undocumented immigrants to become citizens


Criminal Reform

Restructure Criminal reform, fair and equal reform.

Small Business

They are the heart and soul of America, increase tax cuts for small businesses and reward those who invest in their community. Lower tax bracket for small businesses.

Social Security and Medicare

We must protect both Social Security and Medicare from the GOP. We can increase benefits by an additional $500 to recipients by lifting the cap and ensuring corporations pay their fair share. 

Lower the age of eligibility of Medicare to 50, including having a public option. 

Voting Rights

Automatic register all citizens at age 17 to be eligible to vote once they turn 18. Expand voting polls sites throughout the state, expand voting hours, and co-sponsor legislation to make Election Day a National Holiday. 

Wall Street / Big Banks

I have been advocating since 2017 for Wall Street to bail out every day Americans. Twelve years ago, the middle class bailed out Wall Street and big banks,  and now it is time for Wall Street to bail out America. 

Minimum Wage

Those individuals who work at the grocery store, restaurants, fast food, etc., were at a higher risk of being exposed the to Corona Virus. They kept some normality while we sheltered at home. The time is now to thank them by immediately passing a federal minimum wage of $15. 

More Policies Coming Soon…

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